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What business are we in?

Incuvo is an innovative mobile gaming startup. We are working on Createrria, quick and easy to use platform for creating, sharing and playing games that turns making games into a game. It is targeted at gamers, not developers. Our users can create games with just a few taps without any programming skills, share them with friends or simply play other people creations. Createrria was released on iOS on 5th December 2013.

What’s the story of your company?

Jakub and Wojciech founded Incuvo at the beginning of 2012. Incuvo is currently a team of 12 in Katowice, Poland. Working together in game industry since 2005, they have previously created, successfully bootstrapped and sold gaming startup to City Interactive, Poland’s leading game developer and publisher. For City Interactive they built a studio of 40 people and released 15+ console titles (Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3, X360 and PC). Wojciech Borczyk has a PhD in Computer Science.

What have we accomplished?

After successfull soft launch in Canada and Australia, Createrria has been released worldwide. We’re seeing amazing creatinos done by our community and the creativity is simply bursting! Createrria has been selected into Game Connection Europe “best of show” Selected Projects and will be featured in Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA. Also, Incuvo came second in Euro Demo Day and PitchForce pitching events in San Francisco.

What problem do we solve?

There are hundreds of millions of players on mobile. Many of them are so engaged that they would love to become creators (like it happens with music or photo enthusiasts) – but on mobile there are no easy ways to create your own games. There were several attempts to “crack the code” on mobile but they are either hard-to-use developer apps or produce poor quality results. Createrria is different.

What is our business model?

Createrria is a free-to-play application. Main revenue streams: in-app purchases (items, themes, avatars, game boosters) and displaying advertisements to users. The application is self-published by Incuvo.

Who are our customers?

75% of createrria community are kids up to 15 years old. Altough the game was not designed espiecially for kids, we’re very proud of being widely adapted by young audience!

What are our advantages?

Createrria uses custom game-creation and sharing technology designed especially for touch-operated mobile devices. Createrria main advantage is being extremely fun and simple to use, allowing users to create excellent quality games (comparable to commercial AppStore releases) in very short time. It is the first app to offer features, quality and dynamics of creation appealing to casual users. Created games can be instantly shared with friends via in-game community, Facebook, Twitter. Users can also share replay videos on YouTube and other social networks.

How big is the market?

LittleBigPlanet allowing users to create various game types sold 11 million copies at full retail price (only on Sony consoles). Its users have already created 8 million levels. Minecraft, open world sandbox creation game sold 27million copies (10 million on mobile!) and earned $300 million. Mobile version is constantly ranked in iOS top 10 grossing apps. Gaming is moving from consoles to mobile and we believe mobile is enormous market for casual game creation done right way. Minecraft has already proved that interest in User Generated Content for games is huge.

What’s our strategy goal?

Within 12 months we want to build user base of 1+ million users. In the long term, we want to become leading game creation platform on mobile devices.

How much do we need to get there?

Currently we have raised roughly $1M in 2 rounds of seed financing from accelerator (WCB EIT+) and VC fund (Giza). Currently we’re looking for $1.5M-$2M financing to grow the community after successful worldwide launch of Createrria and release Android version. Next investment round is planned for Q1 of 2014.

How to contact us?



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