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7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)


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All rights reserved © INCUVO SA 2012 - 2021



Ligocka 103, Katowice 40-568

Poland (PL)

NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589

Shared capiyal: 7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)

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How does this work?


We have adopted advanced and modern artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques that allow for more comprehensive and effective analysis of player behaviour.


AIM allows you to replace partially or effortless pairing in the lobby, ensuring advanced pairing activities. AIM also will enable you to automatically select and propose relevant content for players, consequently increasing their satisfaction with the game.

Find out more.


If you want to lear more about the AIM project, and can implement it in your project, please visit the official website.

AIM - is it there?


The main goal of the project is to conduct research and development work to design, develop and implement an intelligent, flexible system of matching players to mobile video games. Our system of selecting players is more complex and comprehensive than other solutions currently available on the market.

Key goals.


- Recognition of types, groups, player characteristics based on available player data and the history of monitored activity,

- Adaptation of the proposed opponents, companions and other user groups (i.e. Clans) to the specific needs and expectations of the player,

- Select and modify data sources and customize the user model and game content to suit your particular needs,


AIM - Matchmaking system for online multiplayer games



Operational Program - Innovative Economy "INNOTECH", contract number K3/HI3 /20/228040 / NCBR / 14.


Project title: "Cross-platform technology for sharing content in mobile network games co-created by participants [B1] [AW2]".Lead time is from 01.06.2014 to 31.12.2015 The value of eligible costs 2 267 139,00 PLN


The project aimed to develop a prototype of technology designed for multiplayer mobile games programmers supporting the development of games assuming the creation and sharing of content by end-users, i.e. players (user-generated content).


INNOTECH operational program