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Ligocka 103, Katowice 44-568

Poland (PL)

NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589

Share capital: 7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)

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 NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589
Share capital:

7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)



Ligocka 103

40-568 Katowice, Poland (PL)

All rights reserved © INCUVO SA 2012 - 2020 | Privacy policy

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You can find our current ads at

We are not actively recruiting at the moment, but if you think Incuvo is the place for you, make sure to send us your resume and portfolio at - We might just need you for our next project.

Who are we looking for?

Why work with us?


You will gain mastery over coding, conquer new challenges, and simply be one of us - a fun and successful team. We are looking for developers with a skillset as strong as Hellboy’s fist in Unreal Engine 4. Here, at Incuvo will keep learning and most of all do what you love - play games!


We specialize in VR technology, so all and any skills in this area are highly appreciated in our team. What can we offer you? A great working environment, fun colleagues who will support you, stable employment, and constant growth. So don’t wait any longer and join us!

We are always on a lookout for new talents.


Incuvo is looking for code writers, monsters designers, artful developers… and more! If you’d like to try and fulfill your dreams of working in a cool and skilled team, send your resume and portfolio ASAP!

Work with us!