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Ligocka 103, Katowice 44-568

Poland (PL)

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 NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589
Share capital:

6 475 585 PLN (paid in full)



Ligocka 103, 
40-568 Katowice, Poland (PL)

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In the magical land of Spiritland there is a struggle for power. Someone calls creatures from another dimension to gain an advantage! The Spiritland world is powered by the Forest Spirit Crystal. Unfortunately the gem has been stolen. 
Coming soon

Scotty in the Spiritland
The fate of the land is in your hands 

Game Code Lab is a programming environment in which you can create simple animations and games with objects and characters that interact with each other.

Design an animation or game by using the code written on the blocks so that it works, then share your application in a few seconds.

Game Code Lab
Programming and fun for the youngest !
Build your castle high enough to become invincible. Make a weapons, mine gold, collect mana and other resources. Recruit more constructors to accelerate expansion.

Nobody can beat you. But you can beat them. You've just started conquering the world!

Castle Revenge
Can you protect your big castle ?

Create, build and sculpt your own 3D graphics in an augmented reality environment! Ever wonder what a large LOL icon would look like standing next to your school or workplace? Do you want to build a spaceship on the table and take a photo of it in the yard? You can do all this with AR Block Craft!

AR Block Craft
Build, have fun and take a pictures !
An epic fighting game involving superheroes that you have never seen before for a 4-player game.
Ratman, She-man, Exterminator and many, many more! Over 100 available maps and superheroes available to play!

Super Hero Fight Club
An epic, fast-paced fight with the participation Superheroes !

CREATE YOUR OWN AMAZING GAME in few minutes, share it with your friends and gain eternal fame! No technical skills required, only your imagination! You must try to believe!

Createrria 2
Create your own game !

Layers of Fear is presented a first person horror film focusing on the exploration and history. Players take on the role of a mad painter motivated by the completion of his opus magnum , and their task is to face both the constantly changing appearance of the Victorian estate and ghostly visions..

Layers of Fear
Feel the thrill !