We usher people into virtual reality!


Founded in 2012, Incuvo is a studio of nearly 50 individuals working from Poland, Katowice.


We have established our position worldwide in the VR games area, developing such titles like Layers of Fear VR, Blair Witch VR and Green Hell VR released in 2022. With 10 years of experience in making games and being engaged in the VR technology since 2019, Incuvo is aiming to expand the genre even further and become one of the key developers of the growing VR market worldwide. We want to combine our expertise with the creativity and skills of ambitious professionals to work on the new generation of VR titles.


Our team is working currently on developing further Green Hell VR and the VR version of the game from PCF Group’s portfolio.

How we work?


1. Porting known games to VR in work for hire model.


Just like most assassins, we work for hire! The only difference is, we assassinate bugs and deliver a fully immersive VR port of your game. How does it work?


Just ask Bloober Team - creators of the Blair Witch and Layers of Fear games. When Bloober Team decided to develop the virtual reality version of Layers of Fear, they settled on keeping the hit game under the studio’s name and to manage their own marketing efforts. Incuvo offered them the work for hire agreement which includes porting the game to VR in exchange for a salary with a small share in profits of sales.


Our teams collaborated very well and Layers of Fear VR turned out to be a jackpot, so Bloober Team put us in charge of yet another project - the popular Blair Witch game. Port of this title was also done under the work for hire agreement. If you would like to outsource development of the virtual reality version of your game, contact our studio to establish the best terms of our collaboration which we customize for each client’s needs.

2. Porting famous games to VR in exchange for a significant share in profits.


‘Can Incuvo port my game to VR for free?’ - Yes, we can! All magic comes with a price, but with us you don’t have to spend a dime! Instead, we will share the sales profits of the virtual reality version. How does it work?


Let’s take our current project as an example: Our spidey senses started tingling when we first laid our eyes on Green Hell, a survival hit game by Creepy Jar. We saw a great potential in porting this game to VR. The studio provided us with the rights to develop a VR version of this title, and at no cost to them, left their game in the capable hands of our artists, developers, and marketers. Along with the Green Hell port, Incuvo also takes care of worldwide marketing of the ported game.


Our team works restlessly to repeat the success of Green Hell but in VR, so both parties are satisfied with their sales profits. If you would like your game to join the fast growing market of virtual reality, give us a shout and pay NOTHING! Cash in on the game sales without lifting a finger.

3. Creating our own VR games based on known IP.


In addition, we are expanding our business model by production of proprietary games in the VR segment based on known IPs. Incuvo plans to create its own VR games "from scratch", based on well-known pop culture themes (books, movies, series), which have a high monetization potential. Currently, we are in talks with a well-known filmmaker about the possibility of creating a game based on his future film.


The goal of Incuvo in this model is to create the entirety of the game, including storyline and scenario, where the player will be immersed in a world created solely by Incuvo based on the IP used under a license.​ If your project is a pop culture hit, let’s talk about the licensing and start to expand the fan base by gamers right away!

Incuvo specializes in VR game development and our best advantages consist of but are not limited to:



  • Optimization of games for all platforms

  • Adjustment and redesign of flat games for VR

  • Creation of new VR-native stories and gameplays

  • Recording and using the sound as an important element of full immersion

  • Full game development - we focus on producing long gameplay games with vast mechanics, not short experiences

  • In-house QA testing team, as well as outside game testers

Privacy policy

NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589

Shared capiyal: 7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)



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Poland (PL)

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Ligocka 103

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 NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589
Share capital:

7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)