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Ligocka 103, Katowice 44-568

Poland (PL)

NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589
Share capital: 7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)

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 NIP (VAT ID number): PL6342805589
Share capital:

7 142 252,50 PLN (paid in full)



Ligocka 103, 
40-568 Katowice, Poland (PL)

All rights reserved © INCUVO SA 2012 - 2020 | Privacy policy

Our location


Our office is located in the complex of modern buildings of the Business Park in Katowice. Our headquarters is equipped with the most advanced devices available in the industry. Our VR hardware allows us to take our ideas to the next level.

"We move people into virtual reality"


Incuvo is a Polish company specialized in the production of electronic games. We have many years of experience in developing games for computers, mobiles, and consoles. Currently, we focus on virtual reality technology and production of games for VR devices. Due to our numerous successes, we’ve established a strong position in the international gaming industry.



The company's history reaches back to 2012. Our journey began with the creation of the "Createrria" - a platform designed to enable players to create games by themselves. The project met with great interest on the market, which resulted in over 3 million game users and multiple awards and distinctions in international contests, including a global champion in the field of entertainment at the World Summit Award 2015. Currently, the company's portfolio has expanded and also includes strategic games, action games, games arcade, AR applications and VR games. The advantage of Incuvo is a great artistic style, addictive product mechanics and the highest quality.


Incuvo has extensive professional experience in cooperation with external partners. In recent years, we have completed many projects for our clients regarding games and applications. Some of our external projects include a game based on Disney's license for a company from the gaming industry, a business community application for an American company, an automation system with a gamified app with a set of sensors and electronic infrastructure for a well-known manufacturer of playgrounds. 
We also carry out research projects and work closely with universities. Some of the results of these cooperations are research on a system for selecting content for users and testing touch points connecting electronic devices and applications.
We invite everyone who wants to provide their customers with original products in terms of design, usability and use of the latest trends and technologies.