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Sick of VR games!

05 lipca 2021


With a continuously increasing number of VR goggles sold around the world, we also see the rise of addicting games and AAA titles in virtual reality. As technology keeps on giving new and improved ways for us to stay entertained, our bodies tend to reject these “unnatural” amusements. Motion sickness is something that touches many people, but what about motion sickness in VR? Why do we feel this way? Is there anything we can do about it?





Gaming in VR you enter an immersive world, which provides you with an extramundane experience. Unfortunately, most people trying VR (especially in the beginning) get motion sick. The most commonly mentioned symptoms are:


  • nausea and vomiting


  • dizziness


  • cold sweats


  • headache


  • fatigue


Why does playing in VR cause motion sickness? ​​​​​


Gaming in VR, your eyes register the movements the same way as riding in a car. By movement we mean our character running through scary woods or riding a virtual rollercoaster off a cliff. It’s not only your eyes causing motion sickness - your inner ears are accomplices sensing the environment constantly. Despite our eyes and ears telling the brain, we are in motion, the body signals we stand or sit still. Our brain gets confused with these mixed signals causing us to feel disoriented, nauseous, and experiencing a lack of balance.





What to do when the VR motion sickness happens while we play?


  • Take the goggles off - duh!


  • Open a window or go outside to breathe some fresh air.


  • Antihistamines to the rescue - Medications to try include Benadryl and Dramamine.


  • Try aromatherapy! Essential oils, like lavender and ginger, can help reduce nausea and dizziness.


  • Speaking of ginger… it helps reduce nausea and has a calming effect.





How to prevent motion sickness in VR:


  • Adjust the headset - often the feeling of nausea is caused by the headset adjustment. Remember to regulate your goggles, whichever headset you are using, so the image is focused


  • VR treadmills let you simulate walking while you’re actually standing still during a game - this can take of the motion sickness in no time, but this solution is quite costly.


  • Avoid having a heavy meal before playing - no explanation needed here, I think ;)


  • Many “active” VR games offer the field of view adjustment which helps to prevent motion sickness by narrowing the player’s view.




Most importantly, start slowly and don't force yourself to keep playing if you start to feel sick. Many VR users experience motion sickness in the beginning of their adventure with the goggles. Our bodies can adjust to the virtual reality, but Rome wasn’t build in one day! So take your time, try playing some low-latency games, and defitintely, DO NOT start by riding rollercoasters ;)





VR games simulate situations containing lots of “fake” (to our brain) motion. Since our bodies are still while playing, motion sickness occurs in the same way that moving vehicles do. We, as VR developers, will continue to search for new ways to accommodate people inclined to motion sickness and make sure that everyone can enjoy the virtual reality experiences. Let us know if you know of any other preventive methods!



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