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Wild Dreams

29 marca 2021


Working in the gaming industry, we often discuss amongst each other what would we like to work on and produce in VR. Some of our wildest dream projects are almost impossible to realize, and some are quite popular choices. Either way, we love to theorize on how would we make a certain game. I decided to share with you some of our dream projects.



1. Dishonored by Arkane Studios


This title constantly pops up in our divagations. We’ve got some die-hard fans of this series at the office who’d drop everything they are doing to produce Dishonored in VR. The gameplay is relevant especially these days…





2. Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment


Can you imagine all its cool powers in action in VR? Marcin, our programmer, can! He raised a point that not only the powers would look amazing in virtual reality, but also the gameplay as a whole could easily be adjusted to VR. Just look at the clip below, it screams to be moved to VR.





3. Sea of Thieves by Rare


Producing this game in VR is Kuba’s dream. He is our QA Engineer and wants to call the Sea of Thieves a “Seasickness Simulator” ;). To quote his words: let’s port this game because it’s f*** awesome! Pirate life, Krakens, Megalodons, treasure hunting, and explosions - it’s got it all! It’s hard to argue with him, isn’t it?




4. Outlast and Outlast 2 by Red Barrels


Do I even have to explain why this series is on our list? Scary works in virtual reality, and we know it. Just imagine this chase with your goggles on:




5. Dead Space: Extraction by Visceral Games & Eurocom


With its many mechanics suitable for the VR immersion, Jarek, the Artistic Director of Incuvo, would love to work on this game. I wonder if he has some great graphics ideas for this title...




6. Star Wars Episode I: Racer by LucasArts


Michał, our Graphic Designer, mentioned developing this game in VR, and we all went bonkers. Hells to the yeah to high-speed racing through stunning space locations! The mechanics of fixing your pod during the race in VR would work perfectly.




7. Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games


Booze, women, and guns. I think this pretty much sums up why we want to make this title, right? But really, who wouldn’t want to work on this RDR when it finally makes its way to VR?




8. GTA San Andreas by Rockstar Games


Because “it’s good to be bad” as Przemek, our Lead Designer says. He likes to play the bad guy, the outsider, the lone wolf, and that’s who Carl Johnson is. Also, we cannot wait for more open-world games to discover in virtual reality.





There are a lot of projects we dream of realizing in virtual reality - if only we had the time to do them all! What do you think about our list? Are there any games, you’d like to see in VR, or maybe you’d make a completely new game based on a movie or TV series? Let us know! We might just do it… :)




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