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How to survive the pandemic
with a VR set.

23 listopada 2020

This isn’t another article about Covid-19. We are here to tell you that we hacked the pandemic lockdown downsides with the help from our virtual reality goggles. Read on to find out what’s included in our VR Pandemic Survival Kit! 


Current uncertain situation worldwide is giving everyone a headache but not only; people are experiencing considerably elevated adverse mental health conditions associated with COVID-19 due to the disruption of our routines and socializing restrictions in place. We might not be able to come over and cheer you up, but we sure can provide you with a list of VR apps and games that will make the lockdown more tolerable. Since the new Oculus Quest 2 was recently released, let’s focus on apps and games dedicated for this device. Ready to move your life to virtual reality? Here’s what we recommend:



1. Oh how I miss going to the movies!


"Oh how I miss going to the movies!”  - is a sentence we hear a lot these days. What’s so special about going to the cinema? Is it the popcorn? The big screen? Or maybe the always uncomfortable chairs and that guy eating nachos too loud? Well, put your VR headset on and jump straight to the BigScreen app. Virtual reality cinema is a full experience where you can enjoy on-demand movies with others, eat your virtual popcorn, and even chat with others! If you ask us, the biggest upside of going to the movies in VR are the chairs; we suggest a horizontal couch potato position.


Click here to learn more about BigScreen app.





2. Enjoy a good workout!


As VR enthusiasts, we might not be the most athletic bunch, but we do enjoy a good workout. It’s all about that dopamine kick! Pandemic has us stuck at home with very little opportunities to move around and take care of our body and mind. If you are a VR gamer, you know how easily it is to break a sweat while playing. There are countless fitness apps that are available in virtual reality, but our favorite workout game is definitely Beat Saber! Not only is it a great workout, but it’s also soooo addicting! Moreover, you can now hit blocks with your friends and family - Beat Saber recently launched its multiplayer version. 


For more information about Beat Saber, click here.





3. VR Goggles as a ticket to lands far away!


Do you miss traveling as much as we do? Most of the borders are still closed, but National Geographic Explore on Oculus knows no borders! Tap dance with the penguins, climb a glacier, or get spit on by a llama… we love it all! We also recommend checking out the National Geographic VR films on Youtube. With your goggles as a ticket to lands far away, you don’t have to worry about your passport getting expired. Bone voyage and send us some cute pics from your adventures!


Click here to collect your ticket to lands far away!





4. If you miss people.


“I miss people” said no one ever… or so we thought! Nowadays, human contact is in high demand. As we are temporarily doomed to live quite a lonely life, VR sets are coming to our salvation with the VR Chat. You get to explore countless rooms, talk to people from all over the world, watch movies, play mini games, and so on and so forth… VRChat has almost limitless possibilities on how you want to interact with people and socialize in virtual reality. Is it the same as having people over for your housewarming party? No. But go play Among Us in their dedicated VRChat room and you’ll forget about missing people in RL for a few hours. Guaranteed! 


To learn more about VRChat, click here!





5. There is evil hidden in this forest!


The honorable mention goes to… drum rolls please... Blair Witch VR! Is this our biased opinion because we supported porting of this title? Hell to the yeah. This game however is a great opportunity to have fun. We mean have fun scaring people! Blair Witch VR was released recently and its main goal is to immerse you in a forest filled with creeping creatures who want to give you a heart attack. If you are looking for a thrill to break the pandemic monotonie, we’ve got your back. Actually, Bullet has your back, but we helped create him, so… you’re welcome! 


Click here, for more information about Blair Witch VR.






Here you go! You are now ready to escape reality and take care of your body and mind - while having tons of fun. Oculus store is filled with apps and games that can help you kill time, stay active and socialize during these difficult times. And if you are one of the lucky Quest 2 users, you can enjoy all those activities in even higher quality! How awesome is technology?! If you have any tips on how VR can help us all survive the pandemic and stay sane, share them with the class! Let us know what we should add to the VR Pandemic Survival Kit by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram @incuvogames. 

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